#11 – Abdij van Roosenberg Blonde


#11 - Abdij van Roosenberg Blond

Size: 330 ml

ABV: 7.2 %

The Abdij van Roosenberg, or as it is most commonly known – the Abbey of Waasmunster is a strikingly post-modern complex which sits in the East Flanders countryside just a stones throw from the A14. This is in actual fact the third incarnation of the Abdij van Roosenberg, and the original ‘Monte Rosarium’ depicted beautifully on the beers label was the first. In 1237 the nuns of the convent of ‘Les Prez Prochins’ began the rich history on the orders of the Tournai bishop Walter of Marvis. The Abbey was plagued with plunderings throughout the Middle Ages – 1379 and 1459 saw it destroyed by the people of Ghent, and in 1578 by the Calvinists. It succumbed to fire in 1419¬† and was completely destroyed again 1797.

Following the French Revolution, the Abbey was eventually reformed in 1831 and became known as Roosenberg II, before it was finally reformed again in 1975 in its current guise – Roosenberg III. The name of the Abbey translates as the Rose Mountain and is currently a far cry from the one depicted on the label.

Van Steenberge brew the current beers linked to the abbey, however an original Abdij van Roosenberg beer existed which was brewed over time by the now defunct Thuysbaert brewery. This has proved a fairly contentious pilfering of a once famous brand of beer. The new beer is little known to Belgian beer drinkers, but is actually a surprisingly good beer which demonstrates immediate strength that holds right to the end. The head is as big as any drunk yet, and the colour rich and golden. Perhaps the only major downside was a bit too much back-flavour of copper in the after-taste. The bottle promises little but this is a good solid blonde I would recommend.


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